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It’s so unique, the images we get of ourselves. Waking to each passing day and seeing that the mirror called time is only reflecting to us a percentage of our deeds.

I look out, seeing that my shadow might catch a grasp of my visions. It is obvious that the time-lock between me and my future has become the issue which my life must solve.

It makes me wonder, these thoughts I put into consideration. Why do we put into ourselves a feeling that we end up not knowing how to control? A higher calling the need to care and be cared for by someone, we end up lost because we look into the eyes of those that we give our hearts to.

In earnest the reconstruction of our minds must commence in order for us to assume ultimate control of our mirror and be sure to absorb from our reflections peace of mind.

The issue of the heart or matters, as some put it never get answered because we do not stop to take direction from our sound judgement. Never would any of us lose face in public because we create a certain standard by which we must abide by.

It’s like a coach who takes time to create a game plan but looses the game. He does not relent but takes another look at his strategies loop holes and makes them more formidable.

Respect must be given to the king of the Spartans and his soldiers. He looked at his problems and realised that he must face them head on. He had a clear shot at his nemesis but instead looked at the bigger picture he realised that he could stimulate the confidence of his subordinates. ‘Welcome to SPARTA: WHERE real men DIE’. Should be the war shout for all intending people who must embark on the journey of the heart.

Though love is the corner stone on which every relationship must be built. Other ingredients must be added in order to get the special blend which in turn becomes the greatest thing on earth to love and be loved.

I have created a theory which though disturbing has become the song of the day. Like a hit-single we witness that we are ‘single and lonely’, or ‘in a relationship and bored ’.this at first looks like preposterous claim but with a potent reason I say that we lack the strength to eliminate emotions from judgement

When we are alone we strive and work hard to get someone to lean on but, I understand that when we finally find that person we work so hard to rid ourselves that person even if it just for a moment for us to become our true selves. A criterion has to be developed so as to make short the period spent in the dark. Only then can our shadows try to catch up with us with our conquest.

We must be happy the way we are before we try to be happy with someone else in our lives. That should be a condition both of state of mind and also heart.

As we go through life we will find out that there are things we do not understand. And the only thing we know is that things don’t always go the way we planned. If we look hard enough we will understand that we must be ourselves. That is the source of pride and joy.

Two I must let you go so as to find you again. I care for you with all my heart.

A thought has arisen from the grave yard of dreams, the mind. If one can look at the matter involving being singe or staying in a relationship we perceive a scent called a second thought. How? Well I could be bored but happy just lacking activity. This can be changed with a little effort. Whereas when we are lonely we find that an empty space cannot be left hollow unless filled with a substance .it a state of the mind like poverty.

We then must fight this loneliness like we fight disease because we must survive. I can describe the perfect relationship as one in which the patient needs a donor. He is suffering, an insufficient heart. A transplant would make him feel better all over again. We all know that for every man his heart is specific so, finding the right donor, would take a lot of time and, a screening exercise would be carried out.

We must be patient enough to get the right match and fit. Once we have found this heart, we would be whole again. The circulation of fresh blood in our systems would envelop all the dead cells living behind a fresh and new system, which must become our new life whole and complete.

I use this illustration because the heart is the centre of our life. It is the generator of our body .whoever we get into a relationship with must be a perfect match for us in order for our relationship to function without going into cardiac arrest.

We must take our time to settle and find that soul which fits our personalities. If this can be achieved then we solve an age long question.

In the mean time let this words help you encourage those you meet on your journey:

–        Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet the person, we will know how to be grateful.

–        Don’t try so hard, the best things come when you least expect them to.

–        The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them knowing you can’t have them.

The worst thing to happen to a person is to let their emotions cloud judgements because when emotions leave reality hits. I conclude with ‘you would never know unless you try, be yourself to the very end never settling for second best when we know that the right person is out there ’. It is better to be alone when you know that you have not seen the right person.

ATOM® 29/04/2009


6 thoughts on “Maestro’s arrow

  1. This article could use some editing. Though Ȋ̝̊̅ like the overall theme ‎​Απϑ concept. But I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ issues of Τ̣̣ђё heart, the heart wants ΨЂA̶̲̥̅̊Ŧ Τ̣̣ђё heart wants, even when it is bad for it. I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ any relationship once love is added to the equation everything becomes an issue of chance ‎​Απϑ caution is thrown to the wind.

  2. Matters of the heart I see. You talk of emotions clouding judgement. This write-up looks motivated by emotions which I believe have to some extent clouded your judgement. There is also a thin line between being alone and being lonely, I think you should sort that out. Lovely write up all in all. I see potential.

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