Maestro’s flash

I try to snap a shot in my mind in order to picture what goes on in your head.

For several minutes unending I look at you hoping to catch a glimpse of understanding from face or an action in form of motion.

You’re visually displaying lack. No showing of interest, not wanting to belong to the present or giving up on action, such dissatisfaction with the simple things of life.

Flash life some love. Give it a chance to do you right. Do you miss what you never knew? Is it better to have had and lost or just to have not had at all?

From this I say let go and allow life to flow. You cannot just go through life, because life must go through you.

Do not bear witness against life for a reward comes only after action.

Why blaspheme on the sanctity of the land. You say the ground has done you wrong, by what means?

Give into the peace that is God and enjoy the works of his hand no excuse in ignorance or not giving live a chance

Think about this

The last day of the worst day becomes the first of the best, but who gives them the right to choose what day must come. I make of this season as flu, sick and confused.

PEOPLE ARISE!!!! And take a step towards now for the past acts like a compass under a magnet but a know path is like a flame burning without remorse because all is right. Let no one keep you from being free and doing what you need to do……………………….


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