DO We Ever Think Of These Things

The earth seeks balance and sacrifice, the truth is we can not have one without the order. It has become very clear that all that we avoid or work hard for eventually would find or replace us.
What then is important, if you can be fired from your work after investing years of your life in school,
Is it the cars?, cos I have seen new cars get involved is ghastly and sometimes fatal accidents. People fall from their marble stairs and die, so what really is all this about?!.
Is it the quality of the life lived or the length of the life.
Some babies are still born, some die as infants, some people make it to a hundred plus but are blind or deaf so what is the value of your life.
The matters that should arise never do , laws, diplomacy, religion, philosophy these rule and nothing can stand in their way except death for it ends every mans reign on this earth.
“My breath is slow my blood running cold as droplets of tears try to find their way out of my eyes”, as always my rational mind tries to find reason but what kind of this reason would be good enough to explain why a mother should be separated from her family and taken from this earth while her children still need her.
This is not the effect of war for we are past that era or so we think, but what more can we do?, but replace all this wit reasonable sense.
Looking death in the eyes and seeing those that are left behind. A family waking up in joy but sleeping in sorrow, what is the point of all this!!, vanity+ money+cars+ technology= fools Gold, And when the grave comes calling would this materials save you?

Many spend their health making wealth but in the end give it all up trying to save this health “IN TIME it all goes away!”..
Facing the challenges and striving to live.
The truth always beats the facts. when we give our account to God on the last day, do we have good deeds and impacted value to stand for us and keep us in the book of life?
Or Do we have Salvation and The truth to stand on our account

3 thoughts on “DO We Ever Think Of These Things

  1. hi, dis is really deep,tot provoking and inspiring… draws ones min back to the many things we tend to forget esp about life and eternity…. i gat to go think may continue my comment latter or when i catch u online… nice blog.kip it up n running…. cheers

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