High Crime

The opium of the mind “what is this. opium of your mind”! is it High crime?


Culture of impunity”we have a culture of impurity”


Clean house” we need to kill some people to move on” is it a necessary evil?


A Nigerian who steals in his sleep” our character” do we have to become all this to make our selves noticed


A race that has been back logged since civilisation emancipated from the stone Ages.


A people Who traded their culture for mirrors and powder


A Race selling themselves selves once again, and for what reason. To say that they belong in the Jet Age.?To be honest that plane took flight long ago without any oF us.


settlers when they can Dig deep into that which they possess within……………………………..

The Answer must BE

lost in this Question; IS this multitude lost like the children of Israel in the wilderness

Knowing that;

The darkness comes and is accepted

SO Why?

only fight within,against yourselves but never stick together against the outsider.

Deserve to survive?
Need to Exist?
Cease To live?

IN The End Does It Need To Be Complicated?

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