Another expression

Standing by this street called emptiness, looking for that baseline as to where my loyalty should be.
A notion being formed in my deepest parts, right next to my soul. This subconscious state ,a place where I have become accustomed to visiting, for this reality may soon become prehistoric with “all that glitters turning into chaff faster than burning Ash”.
Like a coin with two sides” I wait to be tossed” .I ponder on what I should make of these times.
Do I accept that which is before me? or do I arise and follow that yellow brick road?” in hope of a brighter glow than that which shows its self like a spec in middle of a rain forest”.
My minds companion, my thoughts, seem to leave me more often for a distant place “where only casper can relate to”.
My assumptions now rearing and developing into real facts may soon become my only truth, for how often do we reach that Wonderland or even Neverland.
If I could only see Peter pan and ask what it feels like to be a Boy forever or Pinocchio about his desire to become a boy in the 1st place.
This time would one day be that time, that time would one day be past time, and past time may also be the last time, for some if they do not connect the dots.

Do you really know how to connect these Dot’s. .. . . . . ….. ..

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