A sunday sermon to remember

A sunday sermon to remember

1st sam2:1-8
– A child becomes a son,when he appreciates those who blessed him.

-you are not to forget any promise u‎​ make in the house of God

– you must thank God through your actions and not words only” this makes u‎​ a son of God”

-A son is one that would help solve the problems of others

-1st samuel 4:1-17

-prayer without appreciation =extortion

-appreciation is maturity with action.

-thanksgiving is the ability to know the God you are serving.

-Before you say thank you to God think!

-maturity is the ability to give God thanks

– faith is given him thanks when u‎​ have not seen everything but believe.

-God needs you to give yourself and not your money only!

-IT is all by his grace that we are alive.

Praise God…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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