The Title

the underestimation of the power of belief  is becoming more evident in this generation of ours, when every man flaunts fake hope but fails to back it up with faith.

this discovery though debatable can not be overlooked as a major contributor  the failure in the society.

a people lost because of Fear, a fear so real that it has become reality, the kind of reality that only exists in parallel dimensions of the imagination.

not ever knowing the truth is a way of life for a saying “What you don’t know wont kill you ” is an anthem recited and rehearsed each day in the society.

this kind of life is not only detestable but abominable to us ,but like the evils that are norm, we have embraced it  “lionhearted ” forgetting what it is that we stand for .

who now dictates “Right from wrong” for even that is “negotiable” with the right leverage.

my pain can be repressed, but for how long?

The best I can say or do is written on my face,

the strain flowing through my vain,

my eyes beaming out a ray of pain,

Smiles gone, mislead astray

What then do i portray?

I pick up honesty from my locker, but why then should I put it on?

Do I even need to shower? Or be punctual just to see ruin.

If this existence was a flower,

then it should have have been watered within the hour.

Should this  hesitance go on?

Why does it take advantage of mercy?

Do we  have to live by grace?

should  the sun standstill, or sit by the corner?

All these sense of lack, trumping in our hearts.

Where does this lead?

Every day the same, un ending voyage towards shame

Is this a game? If it is ‘reason and common sense’ throw in the white towel

It is never late to walk away

Oil, oil, oil……. it is all oil,

Why? Why not!

Oil lubricates and make engine parts work

It also aids in putting you on your back when spilt on the ground

Life is what it is……………..

I think of it and settle for my pen and pad. For the two provide freedom. The combination is a compliment of two.

the making of all may involve the loss of some

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