What am i really Trying to say

This never makes sense, the attitude of being. Ever cared enough to wonder why people act the way they do? Much research has been carried out to know why this is. In reality people spend more time in their heads than facing the real world. The world becomes a virtual screen where they act out their dreams.

Though this seems so straight forward, we come realize that every game comes with different levels of difficulty.

These days the retards have a way, but sane folks have lost theirs. A sick man knows where he is going to be but a well man fights all his elements just to keep from rock bottom.

To navigate around this a line must be drawn based on ground rules. “Quality Vs. Quantity”, a Case load enough to cause a scandal.

A wise man says “quality at home quantity at work” to reach this bias one must first reach “an attitude compromise” and pass on to this point of no return.

The matters that always arise seem to be on a loop for it is the same thing over and over again. Trying to rationalize on this makes me weigh my options and in the end am left up where I started. To make a way for myself but loose the path I came from. Is this future better? If it is, how it can be measured? ; Because the past is wiped away leaving behind no scale of measurement or clause hidden in the fine print of life.

Really my mind is in a state of disarray. I am not able to arrange my thoughts this time. My understanding, my emotions all………………………………………………………………… Image

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