12:40Am are you awake??

“The meaning of life can’t be written in stone for the stone in it’s self has not the stamina to withstand the truth”.

My honest objective is “derived from a deprived state called “thought”! loosing grip of all that my flesh holds dear too in search of an illusive prize.

Many argue the authentic nature of my new found attitude but I quiz them with just one question” what would you rather have me do”?

In the Search for answers, some are trapped in the bottom of empty liquor bottles, while some are lost in a “Fog of Smoke”.

But still, expression eludes most like the winning number of the LOTTO. Some misunderstand the Motto of the YOLO”you only live once”.

Knowing that you are not as slick as the Cat with his “nine lives”, why then do you claim to be a “KUL KAT” or chase after the “Cheese”? You are not a mouse.

Immortality comes when you discover the essence of your being, finding the purpose and destiny in which you have been created for.

forgive me for getting a head start on this, better still ignore my plea “hate me!, for it is better you hating on me, than my hating you”.
Look for secrets and uncover the mysteries of life, for they are scattered all around in bits and pieces,lying in wait for man to hunger in his soul to live beyond his own expectations and head towards his al ma mater ,his origin this should be our motivation nd thirst and not just living everyday like its a page from a summarised bed time story “wishing for a happy ending”

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