Dear NWA,
looking into your eyes, my future life,i realised that I had to be the luckiest chap my age ,seeing in ur eyes my tomorrow, knowing before my peers would, my reality,and understanding what life holds dear.

This distance between the two of us caused by “the act of God”; time, space,water ,expanse off roads and geography, only ruling to favour my observations.

We have and would continue to come across obstacles but like the very existence of life “We would go on” becoming stronger and better equipped to face the challenges of this “cruel world”

You are a key component to my day, thinking of u and smiling when ever your name is called is one of the ways that I know that all is well.

Because you exist my time is spent in a constructive way, pursuing excellence avoiding perfectionism, questioning everything ,working to prevent procrastination, interruptions and distractions.

Am sorry for not being around this very moment to hold your hands and assure you that all would be blissful,I apologise for not showing you the right Kind of appreciation you deserve and need.
Not being around each time you call on me hurts . I am your man, and so, I stand by you!.

Becoming a better person is not possible unless I have you next to me.
Baby steps and all but now its time for me to Man up!!!!

I know better and so I work towards this one goal to ” make you a priority and not an option .


10 thoughts on “NWA!!!!!!!!!

  1. Nice piece. I like. Nwa will really feel special reading this. Lol. You visited my blog today. Thanks for the comment. Preciate it. Sure u good. Do take care.

  2. Awww dis is so beautiful and romantic!!!!?? I’m sure she feels the same way nd is lucky to have you!!! nice job 🙂

  3. I think this is one of my favorite posts of yours… (then again, Ive become a hopeless romantic) lol. Absolutely beautiful.

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