DISCOVERY OF savoir-faire

The former and latter both hold the same image.

Beauty that is best left on the canvas to be described as ART.

Illuminating in an unimaginable posture.

This sighting should be reserved for the afterlife; i am privileged to be bestowed with such an honour.

A mere  mortal such as myself, Being exposed to you ; an effigy mounted on a private display. you have become my prized collection.

I am very sure that Captain John Smith can relate to this experience “discovery of his NEW WORLD in Pocahontas”.

Sometimes the discovery of the unbelievable makes all dreams valid even in a state of aloof, disbelief  and reality cross swords leaving a victor.

This experience i must confess, i never thought  possible. Finding “Lady Luck” on that very day did a number on me tapping me in to submission like a wrestler about to pass out.

Renaissance Era

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