what do you think ?

i am trying to get your attention , just wait and listen , no! start moving  better still slowdown and open up to what i have to offer.

you need me around , you know that i am the most important factor of your being , being proper but lax the, you have to relax, while standing on edge. wait for this ship to hit the iceberg , hold onto all that has been given to you.

do you really know my intentions or understand what i am saying? my lips and mouth do not move , these actions speak and echo . its vibration revibrates the  strings which are attached to that which i am offering will make you a purpet but is freedom real and do you have it.

“make up your mind girl!”, distinction of the natural from the supernatural making you exist in this illusion of a world ,a mirage, my sinister plans wide grins downsized by lack of hatred, replaced by admiration.

“lies all lies” kill it all , war or truce ,take a Zyrtec resolve to the pains and reactions from my revolver shooting pertinacious bullets . think this over ,can anyone really be this abstract.

riddle me this”beings that stand and fall at the same time living cousins of the trees whose leaves fall but grow back. obscurity the  motivation ,tentative moves , stay or leave be or go” .

honesty being the  gambit sacrificed for progress , a quaked foundation, created to be demolished; this situation, an arrangement questioned but not  inquired on must now come to light , “blow me a wish and light up a candle,would you let me in?”

pondering while directly bemused, the reflections of what life could have been . in this empty hallway running from your shadow may not be wise , just wallow go through the rise and take the fall. remember the fallen stars, look up to the sky and note that they are not missed by any one for the glow of this world is pubertal,;growing stronger each day.

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