Reality check

In times of mass loss and destruction the mortality of man comes to question.
The infinite struggle to achieve and accumulate wealth and success. From birth to death man struggles to survive and achieve but death has a way of making mockery of this instinct .
A man lost in the air,falling like a bird whose coordinates have been changed by the forces of the wind.
We take for granted that which we have and that is the gift of life and when it is taken we are not even present to protest living behind out lost ones to wonder why?.
The issues we face ,we ensure they are eluded, we distract ourselves with a continuous struggle a never ending hustle, why must this Go on?. The day may turn to night with out any warning and all our dreams come crashing down.
A life is priceless and so is the blood of a man,
The blood of a Nation has been spilled through its peoples veins , a candle must be lit and reflections on the issues starting from the fundamental questions;
1. What is my life worth?
2. What is my purpose on earth?
3. Who really is to take responsibility for our actions?
4. What is my legacy?

Honesty to ones self would bring about a realistic approach on how to better or lives, country and people.
We can have a world with joy and not just temporal happiness.
My heart bleeds out to the families including mine that has lost its kin in this air crash
And I know that God is real especially now that all seems to be a blur.
May The Souls Of The Faithful Departed Through The Mercy Of God Rest In Peace..

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