The 2 Shall Become 1

No man deserves to loose a wife and no wife her man. Its breaks the bond and divides that which must be complete. To divide an atom would be to create a nuclear reaction.
An imploded cell bringing about a drastic effect and change to its immediate environment.
Death to all Men but not just yet, there is still a road map to life ,A “to do list” of the set goals. An environment to create and a legacy to leave behind. What happens to all that when a spouse is gone for good with out a proper documentation and farewell? really, “How ready can one be for death?
“It is not good that man should be alone, let us make for him a helper” says the creator and he is God. Let no man take for granted his wife and wife never take your husband for a joke for you two have become one flesh and when one dies the other is forced down by the weight of the other so cherish the lives that you have .
Work out your differences and believe in the everlasting God for support ,for he is every ready to help for” If my people will come to me and Pray, I will answer them” says HE .
Loyalty should not come after death but in life.
Marriage is the greatest institution on earth do not sell out for cheap , fight for that which you have for truly you can never account for your loss in the end.

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