As we go on…….

The understanding of the word importance,  the knowledge of the process used in  gathering of wisdom is key to the growth and development of man.

As the days and years go by our ability to assimilate is restricted by our associations  with the “common man”.

A great man knows that life is a circle and that there is nothing new under the sun. So in the night he thinks in his dark room  his special place “his mind” of his  next innovation.

The greatest thing on earth is the kingdom and not religion, our ability to tell the two apart is key to our growth, success and dominance.

Hate , envy, malice, slander all these can only keep us from reaching our true and full potential.
The sky and its expanse with the sea holding its depths cater to the stars and  sands giving each its own identity how much more man on God’s own earth where he has been challenged to take dominion. “Walk your own walk ”

Ponder on thisThe Beginning, caused by the Ending of my friendship with my oldest friend’s sudden passing, is a beginning of understanding things in a way that I hope to inhabit, cherish and appreciate.  It is an understanding of the True value of friendship. As usual, the universal irony of her death, coming at a time when I was “grieving the end” of another long friendship is not lost on me.  In fact, it is the gift, I choose to take from *****untimely death”

Thought provoking……………………………….

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