Fleeting Thoughts

Always on time but never early, to be present but not available this is the result of mind over matter.

The world puts emphasis on results so much, that man has lost the spirit of participation.  the only thing that matters now is winning;coming in ahead to be the first and nothing less.

The world has gotten so competitive;every man must now fight and swim to keep head above water. our desire for evolution has caused us much.

We push on, struggling to pay bills, fees ,in order to accommodate luxury and fads, we attempt to stay valid and relevant.

“Our failure to accomplish does not change the way the world spins” , in fact when we cease to pollute the world with our fuels, litter and abuse of its natural order it becomes a better place with one less occupant  to fight for its fast depleting resources’.

We become our own enemy. it is so brilliant that we discover most times at the end of the plot that kamikaze  was the case from the onset.

I believe it was Art William that said “all you can do is all you can do but all you can do is enough”

So why then do we live above our means, strengths and abilities, giving our selves as bond servants to the world to meet its demands when in the end ,rejection is the payment meted out to all. we are called the “common man” Simply because we fail to apply that which is“common sense because it abides in the heart of the wise”. man fears wisdom and truth.we do not have to slave ourselves to fit into this system of shackles.

You do not have to be in that boat let alone struggle to keep your head above water. a  man who loves wisdom would desire in his heart to seek out his own map and realize that in the journey of life the path is narrow and the roads that seemingly look different all point to one star “Christ”.

If you don’t believe me ask the three wise men of old, they followed that star even when it directed them to a stable or manger. they were confident and believed in their hearts to trust in the star and they were not disappointed .

Follow not the path of the world and struggle with them, but just like the internet and world wide web explore the endless and limitless possibilities around you by first discovering your IP address “inspiration and perception”.

“Life is one of those precious fleeting gifts, know always remember that everything can change in a heartbeat.”

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