Replay it again and again; sketching each and every part, while taking a mental note, look through your heart for that is where you would find me.

I am the reason for your cheer; I assume the position of the bucket for in your life, I am the essence and container. The depth and void my absence creates would only dig deep the sheets and layers forming a crater.

Towards you my reaction is  endothermic, being as absorbent as a towel, soaking up ointment while lubricating the joints  of our relationship adding in easing away wear at the same time wiping away your tear, I cater and care for you creating a wonderful atmosphere.

Trees are the oldest form of life, the knowledge of this positions me as the branch connected to your roots together we bear fruits. In truth we face obstacles but overcome every sneer. If I played a tune it would only be played in the wind for no maestro can control its effect, tune or melody .Let my messaged be echoed. Through every available medium I would let the rest of the world know that everywhere you go as long as the wind blows I would be there to put on a show for you.

As we set sail, we would never fail,

 For this our journey, holds many tales,

Providing for you I promise to be prompt like yahoo mail,

You are the only oxygen I wish to inhale.


I am your” PAPI CHULO”

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