Thoughts that linger

Writings by the conscious free thinker may expose the subconscious thoughts and feelings embedded in the fingertips of he who pens down his thoughts, using what ever means available to him at the time of  expression.

The evolution of ideas from thoughts implanted by the surroundings, can be a misguided ploy which sometimes we find out was never in our best interest.

The discovery of origin initiates a series of checks in the search for balance we may stumble upon truths buried by our fears and in abilities.

For what ever reason exposing this makes light the load which we carry , an untold anchor, a brick tied to our faculties suppressing our expressions and making heavy that which originally should be light .

Above but not beyond , being oppressed by a deep depression caused by the slavery of the mind , once free by innocence the world now holds you captive with consciousness and accountability “the 3rd law of motion -ACTION AND REACTION”

Nothings is so simple anymore, a meaning is attached to every action and so the burden of debt becomes that scale never tilting to your favour and so all hope is dragged away with each passing tug.

“The thoughts that linger in the mind
Of an Osu”…
An Outcast amongst his peoples
With only the forbidden goats and
Chickens to relate with
hearing shaken cries,
The Lamentation going on and on
As the ears of this fellow dies in spirit.

Being left to ask and question ” the value of the living to the dead”
Dumbfounded By the hot fumes flaming up
Within a new found passion a search for the truth that Only the heart understands
For this is a matter of great concern..

For a second imagine a world free of all that we call Important , imagine a life with only the

    Necessary things .we must begin by first categorical differentiating the Necessary from the Important.

When we understand the value of being able to distinguish between the two we can then discover Freedom and BLISS
“My opinion does not need to be your reality” but who knows ????

5 thoughts on “Thoughts that linger

  1. Our faith does a lot in moulding our impression about life generally, the interface of this tool give true understanding as to our thought in making decisions.
    The difference between Necessary and Important is so thin and require supernatural intellect hence for subconscious not to be impaired, we need God’s help.

  2. We want in order to thank you just as before for the gorgeous suggestions you offered Josh when preparing the girl post-graduate research in addition to, most of all, pertaining to providing every single suggestions in a blog post. If we’d noticed your blog in 2009, we would have been stored the unnecessary procedures we were requiring you to take. Thanks a lot.

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