chronicles of a contessa (introduction)

women always wonder and ask the question “why is my spouse always complaining or why is he not so interested in me anymore”?

well i think to answer these questions i would have to speculate on a few matters that have crossed my mind on numerous occasions and instances. My whole life i have searched for clarity and answers on how the female psychology works. i have for sometime now asked questions and even tried to experience for myself some of the basic situations men face while dating especially while in their teens and early adulthood.

It is a wonder how we go from hating and bickering to writing love notes and sharing our lunch and money in an attempt to impress the fairer sex “woman”. A popular saying goes “happy wife happy life”, just how happy does she need to be for her man to get a degree of sanity and maybe some appreciation for his effort?

Men are motivated by a few things and one of which is to provide for the one whom he calls his own “his Lady”. “Life” some say is a process and comes in stages. we perform our duties with due diligence knowing that the competition can be steep, how so? for starters, there is that ego that every male child posses from the time of birth, it makes every man abhor being an underachiever or a non provider. he does not want to be seen as incapable. this primal instinct drives and fuels his ambition to be king of his jungle and dominate his environment.

women fail to understand that by wanting to be the Regent in charge of the relationship to dictate the tune to which it should go, they forget that their male counterpart has claimed this position Alpha , women forget that the neck and the head work together.The head is of no use to the body without the neck. I would suggest that instead of fighting with the man you should realize that behind all his so called stubbornness if you allow him assume the position of head and you focus on being the neck you inevitably control the whole body.

“insensitivity ‘ is another crime Man have been found guilty of but to his defense i would like to state that women can do a better job by being open to dialogue. we find that in this day and age where the gadgets have taken control of communication our women feel more comfortable communicating through blackberry messenger, twitter, facebook than in person leaving a gap between them and the rest of society namely man.

the matters of the Heart are the most difficult to understand and would take a life time to interpret and so more time would be needed to truly write about this topic. Let this be an introduction.

2 thoughts on “chronicles of a contessa (introduction)

  1. I see your point but concerning “insensitivity” u speak of many men are willing to talk about their “feelings” when they are trying to be all domineering and fearless?

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