Can You Relate?

The thousand  and the first all amount to a certain moment when a decision is reached to begin an activity.

Destiny altering periods may be unassuming or sometimes well defined to the point that the competence of execution is questioned.

There must be more to life than this,
My very own “happily eva after” must exist is some misguided way.
I have come to know pain through searching for love, I feel like i am deliberately slashing my wrist exposing my blood to this contaminated world
My voice stretching like that of Bane’s looking to find a world with the right kind of justice where a man can get that which his eyes desires.
Like the man with a rope to his waist, I fail to achieve anything because I fall in mid-flight as my failures occur keeping me mediocre .

The Coldness of the humid environment exposes the loneliness and vacuum experienced in my life all because I have tried to make it work, but just like that locomotive without the right kind of fuel movement is futile.
Your eyes show no emotions as even your touch though of gold leaves the milder’s effect of “No love”.

I have debated with myself,thinking deeply: logic vs reason, failure being the common conclusion is as important as this realisation ” I deserve more than I am getting”. My new sense of entitlement a new development in this stagnant life of mine

Every life touched has come at a price. joyful ness, a kind heart, compassion, faith,A kindred spirit indeed is needed, life’s battles are too many to be fought by just soldiers, a handful of loyalists and friends must be at hand to urge the “General On” as he makes it onward towards a common victory.

Emancipation of the heart is the very last form of freedom ,for its slavery is more radical than of the mind or body. The heart is the source of life , the engine room from which all gets nourished. Its valve should prevent a back flow and now man must learn to accommodate with the functions as they were created.

I search for a truth just one honest response and that is about what my happiness should be gauged by?
The result should Give me a certain degree of clarity and hopefully result to delivering my eluded sanity!

The feeling of drowning and phobia of instability must now become a distant memory as sailing ahead at full mast must be the sign that the worst is a blue moon Away

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