Twinkle My Little Star

Dear Lady,

The melody “stuck on stupid for you” keeps ringing in my subconscious leaving me in a state of constant wonder

I believe it was Einstein that said the “the difference between brilliance and stupidity is that the former has a limit”

Time once again has failed in evaporating the feelings drenched deep in my center for you; I am amazed at the degree and ease at which our bonds form

When one goes shopping for a diamond without any knowledge of what to look for, any diamond looks good. Once they have been educated, however, they make more careful choices. Discerning buyers know what to look for in the clarity, color, cut, and weight to help determine the  carat. They become aware of what they cannot settle for. They also know the true value of the stone and whether it matches the price tag. Love and relationship are a jewel in the making. We must first emerge with the right stone, however, in order to emerge with anything of lasting value, work must be put in to establish a basis of judgment and I must say that the time we have had together has given me an insight about you that no third person can give.

It is possible to have the right stone, apply the wrong pressure, and end up with a worthless rock but this must not be the case. For the time being, the destined agent of change and formation has guided this: you and I for our bond cannot be named but defined as a gentle stone which has its foundations firmly set on the basis of friendship which has become the bedrock of this lasting endeavor.

I believe that man and woman can sharpen each other until both shine as brilliantly as intended; for we are indeed a work in progress being liberated in thinking and now free to take a stable form.

The attitude of becoming and uncovering is so dear to those who believe that methodology must be followed in the assuming and becoming, but I believe that matters of the heart are a mystery that only the creator can demystify, so I carry on with what I know and that is the feeling I get from interacting with you and having you around me.

Although our likes may be few, there are enough to keep us talking, we stimulate each other and are encouraged by the progress we make as individuals.

Nothing makes me illuminate like seeing you smile or having to discus with you about matters that stimulate that seed that you so dearly carry. I wish to encourage you with a few words and they go as so:

  1. Seek the truth; you never find yourself until you face the truth
  2. Change ; courage is the power to let go of the familiar
  3. Express convictions; convictions help us to stand alone. The test of courage comes when were in the minority
  4. Overcome obstacles; whatever you do, someone will think you’re wrong. Expect trouble. Project courage.
  5. Learn and grow; you haven’t until you step out, take a risk, and something do something new.
  6. Take the high road; there is no traffic jam on the second mile.
  7. Lead others; leadership is the expression of courage that compels others to do the right.
  8. Know that you are not alone; knowledge of this fact creates a deeper level of confidence that gives you the strength to face challenges with a mindset that help is on the way.
  9. Let go of past mistakes; the only way to receive new instructions is to let go of outdated sources of information
  10. Become the example that you wish to create; our past actions and experiences our to use at will, only you can turn a bad experience into a testimony by how you handle the aftermath of that event

The feelings I harbor for you must not come in the way of my being completely honest with you about all that you potentially carry. If this is the last time we ever get to communicate I wish to let you understand deeply that which I see and thus the birth of this write-up.

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