Although the bond we have come to share may seem eternal and pure I have to know that in life nothing is as perfect as it may look

The days seem to go by as fast as they come, but the knowledge of that which we have kept between us may as well become that which divides us.

A master and slave share, so also does a man and his woman. Notwithstanding, the intensity and level of trusty must differ for one is a bond of trust and the other for lack of hope.

When we started it seemed as though the sun would stand still for us, our light shone as bright as a new star but with time, various manmade complications have manifested rendering it all human.

I wonder if you knew that this day would come. Could I still be lost and all that has occurred a dream or even worse a mirage, could I be in some desert walking aimlessly through the ‘sands of time’.

Though I sound confident and sure of my thoughts, I must confess that the words I put down are the rambling thoughts of a broken man, whom a fool might even make joke of.

The things that count as much all seem so irrelevant now that the truth has surfaced from the stagnant pond of foregone conclusion, seeking to be exposed to the light now lost to the shadows.

To calculate the mean time between failures ‘MTBF’ of our union would be to deepen the pain caused by the effect of failing to read the signs on the wall.

I do not understand why I still hold on to this wheel, do I persist because I am the captain and I must go down with this ship all by myself.

Are you not  co captain? Should you not ride out this storm with me? Why do you commit to mutiny and not me? Why have you  tried to abandon this ship while we supposedly still ‘worked to windward’,?

I guess that’s just who you are, a false believer of change, hope and keeping of faith. I thought you took in those sights and understood the reality of that which occurred before us.

Do you refuse me because I am who I am or because I remind you of that which is the inevitable reality? What makes mankind evolve is the acceptance of its present limitations and a conviction to move on .

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