Esoteric: (esoterikos, Greek “belonging to an inner circle”)

An esoteric is one who is understood by a chosen few or an enlightened inner circle

Sage (SOPHOS): In the symposium, Plato draws a distinction between philosophes and a sage (Sophos). The difference is explained through the concept of love, which lacks the object it seeks therefore the philosopher literally “lover of wisdom” in Greek does not have the wisdom he or she seeks. The sage on the other hand, does not love or seek wisdom, because he already has wisdom. According to Plato, there are two categories of beings who do not do philosophy

1)      Gods and sages, because they are wise ;

2)      Senseless people, because they think they are wise.

The position of the philosopher is between these two groups. The philosopher is not wise; but, aware that he is not wise, seeks wisdom, and loves wisdom.

This distinction between the philosopher and sage played an important part in stoic philosophy that developed after Plato.

The Stoic sage: “It is the view of Zeno and his stoic Followers that there are two races of men, that of the worthwhile, and that of the worthless. The race of the worthwhile employs the virtues through their lives, while the races of the worthless employ the vices. Hence the worthwhile always do the right thing on which they embark, while the worthless do wrong”

Arius didymus

The esoteric sage is therefore; a symbol of freedom, a freedom of mind and thinking, an ability to act on that which is so pressing and that is the understanding of the true nature of things.

The world as we know it has in it hidden the secrets of life and it is the duty of the esoteric sage to search out this and expose the rest of mankind to that which is gainful for a wise man once said “It is foolishness to be ashamed of that which is gainful” DR David Oyedepo.

I am privileged to be put on this earth at this very moment in history when it is evident that marks would be made on the sands of time. I know that my journey is to hold a lot of unraveling and discovery of how the mind of man works.

I hope to let you in on a private tour of my own mind, to engage you in critical thinking and in the end have you asking yourselves questions of your purpose, destiny and the meaning of life.



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