Discordial Thoughts.

Have you ever known fear? Have you looked into its eyes knowing that you have neared the end? Do you know the feeling of being mentioned in empty sentences,
The morning dew not being enough to hide the shame of your rejection, as you are left out by those untouched by your show and display.
you are regarded as a material without texture, a piece of cloth not worthy of use. This becomes the label attached to you by your sense of humor as it betrayed reason.

As time stretches endlessly I  reach into the deepest and darkest parts of my soul, looking to establish a need for the directing of my words  to the direction of my audience, but as the seconds tick i find  it less important to justify by announcing my feelings to a stagnant change for movement has not occurred by such a display in times past.
A more recent development being that my loneliness has caught up with my singular existence leaving me void of expression and despair.
My mind lacks, just as my heart longs for the need for my body to change from all that is present and existent.
Too many congratulations very little corrections as we walk into the light of everlasting longing and sorting out.
The indiscriminate attempt to salvage this tale seems to fail more rapidly than a  hydraulic ship sinking null of a technician.

Bleeding out seems to have no effect on this Shylock world of ours which thrives on a constant supply of malfunction.
Even if the day diddled to night the shadows would not awaken because a system is in place with its set of rules, so why then do we ignore the existent and focus on fiction?

Deception, decadence, design, all a dynasty of an impeded generation where the underdogs become the capon but lack the necessary caliber.
What is left to fight for?, though giving up an option has been deactivated,what fuels the push and strive for survival?
For a man who wakes up in the morning having opportunity is just a +x ,an undefined variable added to a long equation with out a question.

The thousand  and the first all amount to a certain moment when a decision is reached to begin an activity.

Arriving at a future where the present becomes the past, This destiny altering period may be unassuming or sometimes well defined to the point that the competence of execution is questioned, what do we do then?

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