Its moments such as this that we start to realize how alone we really are in this world.we begin to realize that imagination is the only friend we have in times of need and abandonment.

the way all this works marvels and bewilders me, for only moments ago we were all   colleagues but as soon as the stop clock started to count its time the battle for self preservation and survival began.

“To every man his own” we chant on as we fall back on basic human survival instinct  the need to come  up onto overshadows all. in the beginning it was not so for we walked as one and had a common voice but now the ‘Sly Bone’ marches us on.

can we not learn from the hands on the clock for they never break rank though they march on second after second the minutes hand preceding the hour hand but never taking credit for the delivery of time.

Why have we abandoned all our Rituals and codes of conduct what happened to “all for one and one for all”, the glory days seem to be finally over no longer do we have each other to look over the others back all because man insists to be advanced.

to this new way i say” Do not leave behind the hands that aid your course, i have always believed that with time all comes of age and faith is the ultimate tool for development while some believe that new wine has a better taste nut in that case i make my defense stating that vintage is always priceless and can not be bought with new taste buds.

Become like the hands of the pendulum take from the past and add to the future do not abandon that which motivated you. to those that have given up on the world i say your eviction is close by ,as the motivation for greatness closes on to us all. be ready

5 thoughts on “timelessness

  1. When the head is not healthy, the rest of the body suffers as well. As a young child learns behavior from its parents, so do we learn from those who are meant to lead us in the right way to behave.

    Altogether greed is not entirely a bad thing. Its a little bit of greed and discontentment with the status quo, that forces us to strive for more and desire to be much more than we are, and acquire more than we have. But like everything in life, too much of anything is a bad thing. Its when the greed that’s supposed to motivate us is used in excess, that we become vain and hungry for what we neither desire or need, all for the sake of vanity.

    selflessness is the ability to remove ones self from the equation, and focus on a greater goal or cause. Only when we learn to control our own greed and desires, can we be hungry to see an improvement in our world and society.

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