TRUTH Vs opinion

Success can be viewed by man in three ways;

  1. What he thinks it is
  2. What people around him think it is
  3. And what it really is

From genesis 39:2 it is clear that success is not what we have, but rather who we have , how then can it be explain that a slave like Joseph who had no material wealth was considered a successful; man by God himself. He says that “And the LORD was with Joseph, and he was a successful man; and he was in the house of his master the Egyptian”.

Two distinctive observations:

1 God was with Joseph

2 Joseph was in the house of his master

Having God on your team is like having Ronaldo play for you while being in your masters house is like being on the Barcelona team list .

You do not have to play in a single game to be on the medals list in order to win Loral’s and be categorized as being a member of a successful team, as long as your name is on the team list. Man has come so far that he has forgotten the important things of life and his primary duty on God’s earth which is ‘to dress and to keep’ The kingdom.

When we come into an inheritance but have no plan on how to spend that which we earn we are most likely going to be very unsuccessful.

I believe that on the journey towards success we should come across certain attributes, which if we acknowledge and imbibe “Successful” would be added to our names. Attributes such as;

  • Purpose– purpose as my mother likes to define is simply is “Gods reason for putting you on his earth”. Imagine boarding a bus from Oshodi Lagos with no known destination in mind, your ride would be filled with endless bus stops and people suggesting to you, what path or bus stop to use. Purpose is what moves the world and continually keeps it moving. History only reckons with men who have fulfilled their purpose. To be a success in life, purpose is key
  • Vision– Vision they say is founded on purpose. If purpose is the fuel for living, vision is the vehicle for living. Without vision there is no sense of direction. Vision gives matter to hope and we know that matter is “anything that has weight and occupies space in our lives and world”. Know that if you want to change any situation, only vision of that reality will hand it over to you.
  • Faith– the power of faith makes a weak man do the impossible. With faith the myth of success has been shattered over and over again throughout history. From the time of Daniel and his friends up until date when a black man for the second time in the history of America was took oath as a second tenure President. With faith the impossible becomes an achievable vision.
  • Determination– determination is all about seeing to it that your objective is achieved regardless of the cost. Every man that has broken a world record knows what determination is, and so also does the little ant which lifts loads which are larger than it.
  • Persistence– Abraham Lincoln said “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing” this is the summery of persistence, a continuous belief in your determination.
  • Hard work– success is a very expensive commodity and but the price of it is hard work. Solomon, the wise man said” Do you want to stand before kings (attain success) then be diligent [hardworking] in your work”. Greatest lesson from the Wisest of us all J
  • Team work– to get success you must connect with men of like passion remember that “one man is no man”
  • Preparation –success is all about understanding the dynamics of preparation; remember that “Your life cannot go according to plan if there is no plan.
  • Consistency– this is the quality of being one in words and deeds at any point in time. Be like Gandhi to this world even after he saw death and was to leave this world he still continued to preach his message of peace “Rama, Rama, Rama” which means I forgive you, I love you , I bless you ,were his last words.


Having the success attitude is also very important, it is said that “attitude determines altitude”; which means, that the mind must first be conditioned for success before any of its attributes can feature in life. The journey of life is one of many years with various roads. The man who seeks success, must have love by his side, for the love of God which is Christ is the light that lights his way, and also the love of his fellow man for it would be a waste to have all that you desire and no one to share it all with.

Success is that one thing that is said to be achieved when Gods purpose for your being is in line with your destiny. It is a perfect blend that no other can provide.

I believe that when you can control the insides, the outside will begin to bow to you.

The American’s say “be all you can be “, I believe that every man on God’s earth can become a success.


I recommend the book Success key points for youths “SKY”

By Gideon, Oghenetega .O, it reviles great insight on success.


On second thought success is a Rolex watch or a Rolls Royce, not everyone that has the money to buy one can afford to own one.

A Rolex or Rolls Royce speaks of a certain type of man who values craftsmanship, sees the value of that which he earns and most importantly sees himself as one who deserves to be the recognized not for just vulgarities but Class.

Class can be viewed from so many eyes but to all who see and can discern a man who understands values is a man of value, he is able to stand for that which is truth and not just fact, he is Just in is ways, a noble man of both birth and valor he seeks to immortalize his existence not just by producing children but he puts forth off springs and shows to the world that a good name is worth more than Gold

So I am asked to write on success and the things that come to mind are a burden for if I give just my opinion I could lead astray those who believe not in themselves but seek out a primary truth from a secondary source.

For only this reason did I engage in great research to produce the initial definition of success but I believe that as individual I have the God given right to define my own success and I have chosen the Two R’s of aristocracy “the Rolex and Rolls Royce”

There are other watches more expensive and cars more costly but what people do not understand is that just like every other thing of value in life its secrets are passed down from generation to generation to a select few who then hold on to this knowledge and use it to redistribute the wealth of the nations.

Many are called but few are chosen the rest are blinded by the “bright lights” of the gold, diamond, chrome………, without understanding the concept of quality.

The old saying that “all that glitters is not gold” is a forgone ideal as we see people proud to put on knockoffs, imitations and substandard articles of original splendor.

Theses ones I believe are lost to the concept of hard work, nobility, dignity and sense of birthright. For to accept plaster in place of Paris casts failure, and an acceptance of forgone history.

Such men would never be remembered in history for only diligent men shall seat with Kings, and dine at his table. The life we all choose to live should be a reflection on what we see God to be, it should replicate who we believe him to be and realize that all that is around us is to be manipulated to his glory and none other.

The Sea master never loses time so as the Phantom never makes a sound, their presence is recognized for they command soul and remind all whom gaze at them that there is a difference between  “A WATCH AND A TIME PIECE, A CAR AND AN AUTOMOBILE”. What do you want to be remembered as? What is your legacy? What is your definition of success?






3 thoughts on “TRUTH Vs opinion

  1. Masa thanks for this article I really needed the reminder……..keep up the good work and keep touching lives!

  2. This is such a well written piece and I am just awed to say the least. Beautiful work man, really great!!! Not sure if i have said it enough but this is simply amazing. Your definition of success, your very unorthodox perspective on the concept and a rather holistic analysis are just all very impressive. Also, your rich literary expression and vocabulary is good as well as your mix of quotes in just the right quantity, awesome. Wow!! i’ve said so much already but a great summary will be “Brilliantly written article”

    1. Mr Adedayo , am not sure I have the right words to describe what I feel right now . Thank you I appreciate it truly that you took out ur time to read my work and applicate it . God bless you

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