Birthday message

At 23:30 on the 6th of December I had lost all interest in becoming a year older, I had planned to induce a coma that would last till the 8th of December a day after my birthday.

I had convinced my self that my birthday was to be just another day on the calendar of man but as the faithful hands on the clock marched on towards 12am technology came to the rescue, all my devices activated themselves with notifications and some even ringing out to me.

My birthday is today and I have found joy not because of material possessions of physical gifts but because of the number of individuals that have taken out time from their busy schedules to communicate to me how much I mean to them.

God never makes a mistake and am sure with me he worked over time. It is amazing ,the number of individuals who actually wish the best for you but do not have an avenue to wish you well.
My bank account in heaven has been deposited with players and blessings so I am a billionaire!
I know special individuals who forever have a place in my heart.

I bless God for my mother who carried my for 9months in her womb, cared for and protected me.
I must never under play the roll of my father in my life or the influence of my auntie’s.
I am blessed and for this reason all who bless me are blessed and those that are blind to it are cursed.
Happy birthday Akachukwu Tony Odera Macfoy (ATOM)

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