Feliz Navidad

“Jingle bells all the way”. It is eight days to Christmas the happiest time of the year. The Christmas season used to be a time of infinite gladness, the Zenith of joy , when all family and friends gathered from all around the world to celebrate the Birth of The Lord Jesus It used to be a time when kids would look forward to new clothes, toys, gifts, money from visiting uncles and aunties and most importantly the Christmas lunch which seemed to be different from every other meal served during the year. Not because of the ingredients used but for the Joy and love used in the preparation of this meal.

If I still kept a Christmas list -not that I am admitting to having had one as a young lad- I would put it right there on the top of my list an end to all this hatred and wickedness in the world but most especially Nigeria my Mother Land. I know that there has always been evil on earth but the rate at which it is progressing sends all the wrong signals to those that are sensitive.

This is most woeful: the state of affairs and governance; the way in which the youth make a mess of its generation by a deplorable display of a lack of confidence and discipline. I am left wishing that Christmas be postponed to a more cheerful time in history but the question if the world would see the 22nd of December still arises.

I believe in the scripture and it states clearly that only God in heaven knows the end of days. so I would advise humanity to relax and live out each and every day like it were its last on earth not because some calendar says it’s the end, but because it would enable man reach a level of sanity and decorum.

This is the season of Joy and birth but for as-long as I can remember this is the period that records the most numbers of deaths “Silent Nights, where all is Calm and Bright” this should be second on my Christmas List. This would mean that I would not have to worry about armed robbery, kidnapping, ghastly automobile accidents, or reports of the deaths of loved ones.

Christmas used to be a time of love and gifts when my uncles would give me money to purchase sweets and fire crackers (knockout/Banger), and I would light up the night with these filling me with both satisfaction and joy. My third Christmas wish for my list would be for sustainable progressive source of income not just for me but for the thousands of youths around my Nation. It is no secret that Nigeria is rich in natural and mineral resources but these resources are being used by a select few to play a game of Live Monopoly.

I wonder if Saint Nick has enough Charcoal to deliver to all our corrupt leaders that have failed to come true on any of their promises and fulfill the mandate given to them. The face of our nation needs to receive a face lift for Joy must come to our people.

Christmas carols and church services used to be the main events when all that we had received would be put on and displayed in church for this service on the one service where children would come out in their “Christmas clothes” to dance, but not anymore. The fourth item on my Christmas list would be for an end to the religious insecurity in the nation, and also for the discrimination between Christians and also the hate between religions as a whole, for we are all created by one God and so we should all celebrate the birth of his Son as one and not in dis-accord

“Christmas” is a compound word originating from the term “Christ’s Mass”, the earliest evidence of the celebration on December 25 of a Christian liturgical feast of the birth of Jesus is from the chronograph of 354 AD. It’s a time to celebrate the Love that God has for the World and not gloom letting Evil loom your joy.

The fifth item on my list is fulfilled with this statement Feliz Navidad” ”meaning “Merry Christmas” and a Happy holidays.

PS- i might get lucky and find Her under a mistletoe and we all know that According to Christmas custom, any two people who meet under a hanging of the mistletoe are obliged to kiss. fingers crossed. lol

It has been an interesting year for ATOM THE ESOTERIC SAGE AND GENTLEMAN, 2013 would be even better.

6 thoughts on “Feliz Navidad

  1. Sweeeettttt piece, sad d christmas spirit is gone. Kids born after 2000 have no clue wat christmas was like.

  2. a good write-up is one which keeps u hooked frm d first word to d last nd dis is one. Good to know dat u care for odas around you. May santa grant u all ur wishes excepting d one of d kiss underneath the mistletoe. Dat shld b reserved 4 moi wen we meet which is def. not dis yr (in ma dreams maybe?). All in d chrismas spirit yeah? FELIZ NAVIDAD ODERA!

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