DOA “Dead Or Alive”

“I have come close enough to death to know that to some it is form of victory over life” -ODERA
The days we spend on earth searching and looking for relevance matched with the effort we put in to realize our true value and potential can not amount to the kind of recognition when R.I.P is put before your name in a sentence .
The people that we never could reach out to reach out to us in condolence , it is amazing the level of love a man can habour and hide in his heart for another man once he is pronounced dead.
I have labored in my mind or recreated the act of being a ghost in this present era. To live amongst men , to walk besides them without their eyes piercing through my soul in their godly attempt to pronounce judgement upon Me.It is amazing how the gaze of one might immediately put a dent to my reputation.
“Do we choose the time we were born in, and are we suited to the time we are born”- Abraham Lincoln
This question I believe is one of utmost importance in the quest for God’s purpose for our lives . I realize now that quality of life we have is factored by the level of understanding we possess.
“Nations are birthed in the minds of men who have lived outside their carnal self”. I am afraid of the things I see because the world really is a big book of codes with clues hidden in plane sight.
I choose to write not because I am qualified to put down prose or give out life lessons, but because I understand that it is my moral obligation to share that which I know or give my opinion on what this world is .
” the triumph of the written word is often attained when the writer achieves union and trust with the reader , who then becomes ready to be drawn into unfamiliar territory, walking in borrowed literary shoes so to speak, toward a deeper understanding of self or society, or of foreign people’s, cultures, and situations.-Chinua Achebe

I know not what impact I might have on this Earth but I pray to live a life in which my input will in the end be remembered as though I was mentioned by name in the Holy Bible .
I ask you this ? Do you believe in the impossible ?

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