As society falls

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“The other day, on my way to get dinner after work, there was some man beating on a lady in the street. She was screaming!! But While that was horrible, what was worse was that people just watched them. No one ventured closer to help stop him, no one called the police, nothing. (I think that’s a common syndrome in public crimes though.. You should Google it) I actually had to call the police myself. This was on Thursday night. First encounter with the law for me, first time I saw police cuff a man, first time I saw a woman being pummeled”

Television sometimes makes real events seem like fiction: for this reason man is desensitized to the inhumane actions carried out on fellow flesh and blood . The era we find ourselves in is one where violence, sex and nudity has become a part of our social culture. These vultures have now made nest in our society and have gotten the approval of the leaders of industry who not only endorse these acts but also use them to their advantage . Political thuggery, extortion and blackmail through sex are some of the acts that have found a common place in the day to day life our leaders. But should this be so?

No man wants to loose a daughter, nor a mother a son, but you find that this same man would cradle snatch his fellow mans daughter just to fulfill his vile fantasies. This same mother would mistreat the son of another woman that has been put under her care. It amazes me mans ability to rationalize right from wrong whenever his moral compass is put to question. This self righteous man always seems to find an excuse in his heart to defend his action or inaction.

Though The short story above is an eyewitness account of a young Nigerian woman leaving in the United States, who Observed this beating that took place last week on the streets of a particular city in the US. It tells a tale of such a genre of people who literally look the other way when another is in danger these are our modern day Samaritans who exist in every other society around the world. I sometimes wonder if truly man understands the value of life and the concept on the 10 commandments. Loving God alone would not take one to heaven but also loving your fellow man and treating him with a measure of compassion. This I believe is a major requirement to accomplish this desire of ours.

“Inaction is as big a crime as committing murder ” we need to find our inner voices and reach deep to reconnect with the conscience. this must become our deepest desire if indeed wish to accomplish anything worth celebrating …….

25 thoughts on “As society falls

    1. I believe that this impunity is a cancer spreading at a pace that even usain Bolt cannot catchup. But change would come for no condition is permanent

  1. “The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it” – Albert Einstein

    Though I sympathise with the plight of the woman in the story and this quotation by Albert Einstein. Sometimes we have to ask oursleves who is really to blame. I believe our environment plays a significant role in our actions and inactions. In some communities in our society, a man could witness a murder and after calling the police, the police could then arrest him, since they have no other suspect and he’s the only one they could place at the murder scene. It would be ignorant to think that such things never happen in our society. In such a community, people might abstain from calling the police to avoid entering such a situation. If that man were illiterate or uneducated, due to lack of knowledge on how the police handle such issues, he could end up being prosecuted for a crime he had nothing to do with.

    I believe that to solve a problem, you need to first understand the root or cause of the problem. Perhaps if the police gave public talks to the people of that community on how the police work and how to respond after calling the police, people might have a better understanding of their rights and due process.

    But its not enough to just sit down and wish and pray that things will change. Its a lot more effective to change yourself than to try and change everyone else. So I believe that If everyone made a commitment to better themselves. Perhaps one day our society could become a better place.

    1. Well put together my friend . It is also important to note that the root cause of our problems come from our history . Recently I have undertake a voyage to the 1966 era of Nigeria, when the coup took place.
      After that action many injustice came upon a certain ethnic group in Nigeria and it was found out that the police and the Army had a hand in all that happened.
      No man was brought to justice and no penalties meted out. This shows that the problems of today are a result of seeds planted decades ago

  2. Solid post. I also think our society tolerates so much lawful injustices because the severity of certain extremes in our society have been normalized by constant repetition in the mass media. However deliberate or not, the propaganda of modern media is very misguided and if we do not control what influences our society, we are then responsible for the evil our society influences.

    1. well spoken .
      looking back to when television was censored and content checked , knowledge and edifying shows beamed from our cathode ray televisions, those were our glory years . i fear for the generation next that have come to know only HD horror and LCD dismay

  3. Totally agree, the same people who turn a blind eye are the same ones that would be happy to give an account of exactly how it happened. You did the right thing Oddy, only when we live by example, shall the change we envision start taking place.

    1. Chika I share your thoughts but I must state that the person who witnessed this injustice is a friend of mine like your self a young Nigerian woman living in the United States .
      It is important to note that this could have been anyone of us and that as long as we all have the same moral structure injustice would subside .

  4. Indeed, I think its about time…really nice of you to put together this. so sad to see how things are turning out in this our generation. Seriously, things have fallen apart…but by His grace we will conquer…kudos to u and I hope we all embrace this act of yours so as to better our generation.

    1. It would be a glorious day when we trend on social networks such as twitter not just for a popular cause but for a social and moral fight to win back our society.
      We live as though we forget that we would have children, and that we must leave behind a tangible amount of dignity for them to emulate .
      I pray for us all and I pray that we begin to hold our own so as to own our own

      1. yeah am soooooo agreeing with you on this…cos the kind of legacy we leave behind for them determines their future. May God help us all so we don’t fail them.

  5. Its alarming of things that happen in this particular country.Good thing you did there I must say.The question is how many good Samaritans will do the same. The major problem in Nigeria is ethnicity has really affected the way we treat each other. We should start looking at each other as one people, and not as people who share the same nationality. Love for each other will solve a lot of problems in this nation…I therefore urge everyone to show love.

    1. The concept on one Nigeria would better be understood when we as a people start to truly love ourselves , for one cannot give what he or she does not possess “Love”

  6. great post. we need to raise consciousness about these issues. they are glaring and deeply situated in cracks of society. we need to “re-sensitize” our generation and those after ours towards embracing human dignity and standing against anything opposing it.

    1. I know Loki that you are a key piece to this puzzle of change and that through your positioning in the society this message of change can be made common place.
      We have a job to do, you, me all of us who have enlightenment .

  7. This is a great piece. I have combed the world looking for a master script-er of the mundane…now i am ecstatic that my peregrinations have not been in vain. I think Oddy Mac Foy is the Man ive been in search of.

    1. Humility is an extreme emotion for me as I muse over these prophetic words spoken by a beacon of our generation.
      I know now that truly there are elders at the gate who indeed know that we must unite to carry out this very elusive mission of change ?

    1. I appreciate that you would take out the time to visit my site and not just because we are family .lol😀, but also because I know that you believe in change and right doing

  8. Good one…we need to take action and we need to change ourselves..if i may say, foremost in Nigeria we need to demand accountability from those in government…An Israeli ambassador one said ”I will love to be in Public Service In Nigeria, it is so easy,Nigerians do not demand accountability”. The days of inaction can be tagged as the days of the ‘GREAT SINS’, we cant afford to continue with this sin as our society dives more into oblivion. As you said it is time to take action, we can take action by our deeds, our pens and our social networks by demanding accountability from each other and demanding for the contents that we want to see in our society… Good one Odera, and i hope that this fire in you will not burn out as we move towards the days when our services as leaders will be needed by our society.

  9. This post describes a serious problem that societies are facing today, namely desensitization. It is REAL!!! May God help us!

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