An inner expression

How do we use language? We use it to express ourselves through speech, to record our experiences or to invent and tell stories in writing. But before all that begins, before a word leaves our lips or a pen hits the page, we use language in our heads. This code we share is more than a “simple naming process.” It’s the means by which we form our thoughts and interpret the world around us.

One of the first people to articulate this concept was a Swiss linguist named Ferdinand de Saussure who understood that “thinking about language was essentially thinking about thinking” and that being able to put down these thoughts with ink or lead cumulate understanding.

I have learnt expression through the act of art in the form of literature, I now express my deepest thoughts and emotions leaving out none of the feelings as I tell my own tales. I appreciate freedom for it enhances the manifestation of the gifts that lay dormant in me .

This influence, runs vast like the oceans for I have been on this journey of life not by myself but with a number of passengers some stopping along the way and others treading alongside me as we make waves.

The essence of this is not to ostentate but to revile the inner glory. I understand that every man appears in a raw and unrefined state , but in the event of time and work he reviles his true form which can be a gem or a coal depending on his disposition.

The spoken word is sometimes exaggerated to the point that it flacks fallacy , unfortunately our world dwindles and so hope can be lost.

I believe that through these words I can create a language that would enhance the voice and jargon

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