A Moment In Gods Presence

“‘Acts 20:35- In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive. ’”
It is the most high, the creator of all that we see before us ,he is the everlasting king , might in battles , gentle at heart towards his own .
What a divine father he knows all our wants and sees all that we desire , he gives us the opportunity to showcase out talents to express that that we posses and keep in our insides .
It is a good thing to praise the most high king , to rejoice and be glad in all that he has done for with him we never loose but increase , it is a wonder that the world rejected his son , for the beauty that comes with him has never been known but by Grace we have access and revelation to the things of Old , for they are made manifest to us that believe in the workings of the most high .
I am amazed at the reach of his grace for even in the pits and tunnel of iniquity his hands are stretched out to pull out anyone that calls for him. What a wonderful God we serve for his servants the angels are blessed beyond thought . Oh!… his children are royalty clothed in purple and silk , with Gold ornaments they are directed by the orchestra of the heavenly bodies . The holiness that surrounds the father makes whole everything in the lives of his children .
I am glad to be born at a time like this when he has made manifest his glory once more and has allowed supernatural regeneration to make manifestation on this his earth. To explain his glory would be to interpret the elements for the best man can do is to postulate theories.

Amazing grace, Wonderful king , Mighty ruler , the Great master , the Blessed creator , the Warm father , your Names are infinite for your voice out spans the created universe and now by revelation the visions shall be manifest. Now the dreams must come true for it is time for the maidens to prophesy!.
Thank you lord Jesus

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