I Hope You Enjoy,But More Importantly Understand This

We truly are the lucky ones, we have the grace to still have breath,
And so We underestimate the value of our lives, because we are being ignored by death ,
I wonder what the unlucky ones say, whenever they see us squander this privilege of ours,
The danger is in not knowing that evil does abound and that in the end every man ends up in the ground .

We should weep daily as We wonder through this desolate world, left to be scourged by lust,
As we try to cook up reasons as to why we tarry, we are greyed to a mount of dust ,
I marvel at the level of foolishness found in this social environment we call our world,
Is being born in this generation a curse or a gift for the times seem to abound in futility.

Death today, crime tomorrow, promises made yesterday are yet to be fulfilled ,
The clock seems to be misguided by the hearts of men, who in their hearts our fates have been sealed,
Time no longer is our ally, for the days become more unbearable as pain abounds,
The deception is better than the truth, for the lies are a common placed verity.

“We are who we are”they say, but I wonder now where they are those who sound so kosher,
It is unbearable the actions they perpetrate, and the failure to commiserate even through a false brochure ,
The lack of evidence as a result of tampering by the lawmakers,hint of the dwindling hope,
We have lost grasp of the reason why we even exist, or of what our purpose on this earth really is.

“The dead are bystanders and those in a coma are on the bench, this game of life is gruesome to those who participate,
We are left out in a cold world without the fairness of the referee or the umpire, corruption now has its day and date,
I search for a reason to fight on, I search for men that are willing to break free from their hold ,
The search for valiance is on, for it values and weighs more than gold .”

Awaken and be free from this slumber, it is too early to become a zombie,
A tool used by the infidel , to harvest his seeds of inconsequence , we are to be valued as priceless and not people of recourse,
I believe that we have been bestowed with a gift, the privilege of “beingness” at a time of renaissance .

The ability to advance beyond the imagination of previous men, is embedded in their DNA,
There are warriors and soldiers, fighting for the return of the dignity of man,
I speak of a class of men who are truly first and have great foresight into the future,
A generation of wise men who truly value the rainbow, and are not driven by the lust for the elusive pot of gold laying in the abyss.

When we reclaim our birthright and regain dignity we shall be called kings and Queens,
We will ride in chariots befitting our status, we would recover the years stolen from us ,
The disservice we have suffered is now in the past, as we gallop ahead ,
salutation is given to the dead for it is by their compass of knowledge we draw a path for ourselves .

My solidarity is with the living for hope still shines bright in my heart,hope brightens the dark paths that lie ahead,
A journey with an unknown destination is what we embark on,we are guided by the map of the experience of old ,
Armed with new wisdom and fresh understanding, having gained a new perspective we set on,
It is important to note that as long as the sun rises there is still room for possibility!

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