A pastiche by ” Onyinyechi Okeke”

I believe that individuals are being blessed by my writing. This is a testimony. Be blessed

“Hey there..

I just read your post “I hope you enjoy, but more importantly understand this” and I had to write a pastiche poem with my favorite lines just because there were so many. I never finish my poems.. but Id rather give you something I wrote in 5 minutes than nothing at all.. I hope you enjoy, but more importantly understand me.

here goes nothing:

I wonder what the unlucky ones say…
Time is no longer our ally?
Awaken and be free from this slumber?

Search for a reason to fight on!

We are truly the lucky ones.
We are being ignored by death
[On] a journey with an unknown destination
[But] armed with wisdom and fresh understanding

My solidarity is with the living
[for] as long as the sun rises, there is still room for possibility

Onyinyechi Okeke”

3 thoughts on “A pastiche by ” Onyinyechi Okeke”

  1. I like this poem! I like the parallelism of death and life and the resolution…it seems to be saying to me that the ones alive are those who have searched for and found a reason to live; those who believe that as long as the sun rises there is hope and therefore there is life.

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