To My Valentine

If you were my valentine I would wish you all the best that God has in store for his beloved
I would write you a letter telling you how much you mean to me and how much I miss you
I would say to you “happy valentines day My love”
I would even call you early in the morning just as soon as the clock strikes 12 in the AM

If you were my valentine , I would do everything in my power to make you smile
Even if it meant sending a package to your apartment though I have no known address for you I would still figure out a way
I would write you a poem , and even blog about you to the world
I would bombard your timeline with embarrassing tweets and also pictures of us

If you were my Valentine I would dedicate a whole track to you and not just this skit
I would sing you praises , you would be my national anthem as I pledge my love to you.
I would shower you with flowers even though I know That your not into such things

Many years ago my heart was broken on a valentines day. The 14th of February for me was a bloody day and not just because of the color Red.
It was a massacre, I was left for dead that day by the side of that yellow brick road as you walked away in your bright red pair of shoes without a care as to what my fate would be .
Past being left in the care of history now I am all strong, grown, mature, and can even be called Fulfilled but one thing still eludes me and that is “You My Valentine”.
I still do not have a valentine to share all that I have with. I know that there is no shortage of ratchet ness out there in this world searching for a fellow to purchase for them that red pair of louboutins but this alone disqualifies the agenda of love.

I wonder what my valentines day would be like if I had you with me, would My heart skip beats as We hold hands on that elusive yellow brick road? would we share a box of popcorn in movie theater while we secretly exchanged kisses in the presence of the big screen? or would we have had a romantic candle light dinner?
Would I have some elaborate surprise waiting for you?, would I pull it off as swiftly as I planned to in my imagination?.
Would you surprise me with that timepiece that I crave so much? The possibilities being so endless, like the value of PI .
This equation Is missing a very fundamental variable and For Arguments Sake i call you X!


60 thoughts on “To My Valentine

      1. JESUS CHRIST is the best valentine gift you can ever get, accept him into your heart today

  1. Vocabulary- 5
    poetry- 6
    depth- 7

    Not bad…but i don’t know if its the fact that it came from you or u seem emotionless that makes it seem as though it isn’t enough! you can do way better if you actual portray what you write…i mean emotion. show more emotion….

  2. Only 1 question kps popn in ma mind aftr readin ur posts “is dis odera macfoy writn or does he hv sum1 on d side doin it?” Dis tym around Ild juz hv 2 comment..Dis is a luvly piece n like oda posts u hv spoken well n intelligently.yes! wen u wer young, u spoke lyk a child *very annoyin*n now u hv rili put childish thins away..thumbs up! I luk 4wd 2 seein u.Happy val.

  3. I wish i didn’t have to miss you.if only you could be with me always. I know i could never be any happier.but then again,i know that the day will come when i’ll be able to spend my every working moment with you.

  4. thank God dat valentine has come and gone a time where people furnication is highly celebrated.God has mercy.i greet u all.have a promising day

  5. Its been a little long since you posted this, a friend shared a link to me and it got me here.. I think your pieces and writings are lovely.. This is one of my Favs.. I hope to see more though. I hope you find your X and most of all find love! God bless 🙂

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