Being around some of this modern day Pentecostal churches i am beginning to loose understanding of what church really is . The people are peculiar, not so in a manner that can be tagged but more so in terms of a cultural shock .
It is almost a transition from the norm , a variation from the orthodox, diving wholly to something yet to be described .

I can understand that church is ” where the heart is with fellowship ” but I am left to ask what really goes on in the heart of this Men?.
I realize that it is wrong to judge a man called by God but at the same time most of this Men push people to Sin against God .

I remember the story in Exodus when Aron molded the Golden Calf for the people just to satisfy them.

Moses came down from the mountain , he was so enraged that He broke the Ten commandment Tablets. This was just Moses , I wonder What Jesus would Do if he came down from Heaven to see what this Men are doing to his flock.

Vengeance is mine says The Lord so I have no doubt in my heart that there would get their just rewards in the end , I only fear for the lost sheep who search for their master and in return met this grifters who take them for all that they are worth.

I believe that church should be in the World to make impact and to dominate various sectors from Media, to government also Family , but nooooooo!! It is too busy playing politics within itself , and “playing chicken with congregation “; a state of who shows who!.
A leader guides it people with diligence, wisdom, character and fortitude and not speculation.

I love The Church because it is the Bride of Christ , I would not console or condole the illegitimate brides out there claiming to be his wife , for Gods church is not only a structural Temple but also his heart where he is seated

It this generation it is harder to be tuned in with all the media distractions, too many colorful channels designed to engage the consumer , to and none to edify the soul , so what then must we do , when the Church has refused to take control and lead.

We need a change , we need Gods Army to Arise and Take back this World By Force.
I know that this topic is not a very interesting one but it must be said

Romans 1:32
Though they are fully aware of God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve to die, they not only do them themselves but approve and applaud others who practice them.

In the End Destruction is the only end insight and this is not acceptable .
A local saying goes ” you have to be present and seated for your hair to be cut from your head” , Ignorance would not be acceptable on the Last Day!

7 thoughts on “Christendom

  1. My sentiments exactly. The world is not making any visible physical impact like caring for the needy and housing the homeless, we are busy erecting magnificent structures and purchasing private jets to fly to preach the gospel to other nations when the real gospel of love has not been preached at home

  2. This is a master piece I must confess you just spoke my mind cuz I always think of what Is happening in our 21st century churches, well God dey. God bless you

  3. TRUTH…..Well that is what we get in this part of the World where Religion is at the apex of all facet of life. But one shouldnt be surprised because Jesus already said things like this will happen. Good piece Odera.

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