Something About Nothing

I never believed that need would arise

That a day would come when I would consider it the final moment

To be aware of pain, but ignoring it all for the gain

To be seated in a white room,without expectation but spoken to with hesitation

To come to understand hopelessness

To be the understudy of sorrow

Unaware of the possibilities of tomorrow

Shown a glimpse of the gallows

A sudden and abrupt end

A forgone conclusion to a life but exerted and implied

A life not well spent ;for the possibility of change remains

A muster of emotions flowing after this downpour of tears

To bear this gloom unashamed of my apparent fear

If it ends now , I am forgotten like yesterday’s rain

Opinions discovered to be common Ideals not so much

This art my only release

My words my sword An illusion destined to end

This fairness shadowed by fiends Waiting to demolish goals

“Orthodoxy whether of the right or of the left is the graveyard of creativity~CHINUA ACHEBE”

So why then should I be like you , a common man

A simple minded person Suffering in silence as you make gain

You think that you have success

In reality you are a slave I break free from it all

First psychologically

Then physically

Freedom is my only objective

To be gotten without bloodshed

A needle in my vein

A pen at the other end Spilling it all

Leaving nothing to chance

Hoping to advance

As a rule I don’t like suffering to no purpose. Suffering should be creative, should
give birth to something good and lovely~CHINUA ACHEBE

10 thoughts on “Something About Nothing

  1. Profound! I’ve always admired writers who can express themselves in verse. A few tweaks here and there and you could be up there with the greats. Keep it up?

  2. This is a great masterpiece from a great legend ever produced by this selfish, undeserved nation, called Nigeria. I owe great love η respect for d late Chinua Achebe. May his great soul rest in peace of d Lord. Amen!

      1. Oh! Am very sowi. Twas a huge mistake. Please accept my sincere apology. Ʊ really did a brilliant job η I admire Ʊr work η d effort Ʊ put into it. Kudos
        Darlington Osazee Okuonghae

      2. That’s a relief! Thaηks…Smiles! Keep up d good work aηd Good morηiηg.
        Darlington Osazee Okuonghae

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