Conscious antidote

Have you ever had a dialogue with pain
At that very moment reason seems insane
To adjust to fate , forgetting faith
Letting situation dictate and fill your plate
Loosing control of your affairs

Having no present cares or understanding
Worry and plight take away sight
Vexed within the soul
In diminishing Agony
“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars~Oscar Wilde“. 10

A representation of this situation unmarked
The scores are left unsettled
The Result unknown-dowelling without a matter
Worrying over the Unknown
Ignorance is Bliss

The man behind the mask is full of confidence
Covering up his true intentions; a facade-smokes&mirrors
While exposing nothing through deceitfulness
brittle-remains this situation
Fabled stories make malleable the situation 20
Forged and coined into relegation
Left to participate only menially

Devalued as the effect remains inflated
Egos hang like skeletons in deep closets
Ducked away without any feeling of guilt
Depression sets in as we are downcast
The conspiracy of those who control knowledge

Reverberating, an over stated fact
That theses dry bones shall never taste water
We are made to believe that we are not fit to be called salt
Looking back in dismay, sorrow is vividly concrete 30
Solid is the feeling of pain, as disoriented thoughts surface

Taking control of my days , oppressing-depression
Provoking a weightless state, becoming intimate with joy
Breaking the bondages, removing the cast
The process of healing has been initiated
Remembering that
“No men can be lords of our faith, though they may be helpers of our joy~John Owen”

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