A Parallel Endeavor

Meddling with the instruments of destruction
A callous act accepted Becomes a foolish thing
No man plays around with a noose tied around his neck
Nor does he chorus his glorious strength while bound by a knot

Adulterate the melody and dilute the Rythem
This attempt to contaminate the distinction between kin and foe
Men who celebrate others only with words and not deeds
Account for the hate in the world ; they generate envy

It takes a reputation to accrue trust and respect
A good marksman know his target
He never sways from his objective
And so he is never left outside to face the elements unprepared

Keening Aloud, the grief unbearable ,
their actions can not be justified these agents of the darkness
Recording casualties; collecting royalties;gain from pain!
These efforts must be thwarted ; a desired premonition

This relationship can be linked to such an event
For it consists of individuals who have goals
And thus they require an element to bond-chemistry
For it is binding: being connected to a total stranger
The weak ones follow the status quo and remain slaves

No innovation ever came from such people
A parallel endeavor emanates; an effigy of transformation
Transfigured by a vision; setting aside all binding loops
Jumping straight Into the matter, and occupying the space
Taking chances day-in-day-out, As the greats solemnly aspire greatness

Presentation of a plan is key but it alone is not the doorway
The knob of truth:the archway through to determination
Progress is a forward motion aiming towards potential
Inspired by the past: knowledge is empowering
Wisdom is the reward for “never letting schooling interfere with education~Mark Twain

Recognizing the zones set up by man: breaking free from it all
Walking past the eye of the storm, taking up its challenges
Marching gallantly, no fear in sight for Zion is the destination
The unbelieving steal a glimpse of history, but would never know success

Oh! What gladness awaits the believing Ones, they disengage mediocrity
And make their bed with progress, they know redemption
Love, hope, peace, grace…. Words tabooed
Become the Armoire; a holding place, an escape

The Way is discovered when the search ends
Lender be gone! Direction has been found !
The deceit that knowledge is for a few comes to an end
For in black and white every mans potential exists

Walking in the dark makes hitting obstacles inevitable
Straying from dubious endeavor is a conscious start to observing penance
The details of ever endeavor is being recorded
Life has no retakes or replays, make the best of It All !

10 thoughts on “A Parallel Endeavor

  1. “never letting schooling interfere with education~Mark Twain” im learning this

  2. Wow…a deep poem of mental revolution – independent thought is the way to take. I particularly like these lines: ” weak ones follow the status quo and remain slaves/ No innovation ever came from such people/
    A parallel endeavor emanates; an effigy of transformation” and “Recognizing the zones set up by man: breaking free from it all”.

    The way you worked the Mark Twain quote into the work, I’ve only seen that done in few poems and those by the masters…you are a deep and great writer. Kudos!

  3. Interesting. Your style of writing rather impressive. The budding Soyinka probably sounded like this. Kudos. Life indeed has no replays. We must keep our heads up and strive to get it right. Really great piece. Cheers

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