My Idea Of A-You

You make me feel things that I forget possible
I day dream of conquests with you by my side
I am enlightened by your heightened smile
Proving that in this corrupt world innocence exists

Become my muse let me study you
In return I would show you a diverse culture
We shall cross borders both the physical and emotional
Allow me trade on your imagination I promise to leave you priceless

Allow me write on the sticky notes of your heart
I would use my red ink the essence of my life
We can rewrite History together
Create bed time stories for generations to come

No man eliminates the presences of truth
We might be apart but time would remember us
You complete my words- autocorrect
As you navigate through my thought process I find expression

You are the elixir to my brittle heart
Causing vibrations that change the notion
We are but molecules in this cold world
As individuals meek; but together formidable; creating an indestructible element
I am told to take note of this “You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back~Barbara de Angelis”

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