X’s & O’s

X – “With you I imagine something more engaging than conversations… But I met you with walls, with seasons that stayed the same”

O- I can only state that your love for me came premature for I occupied generously a place of incubation at the time we had made first contact

X- I see you… I miss you … But your words make meaning from a distance. For I’ve seen you wish for stars looking down….my feelings were your hindsight.

O- Like a portrait hanging on the walls of a museum I have gazed upon your beauty unable to acquire you for priceless is the tag that has been placed upon you

X- Maybe you’re the last jewel of my poor heart… Not to be loved with full expression….but to be valued from a distance.

O- how I hallow your gaze for it is a form of redemption from this exile that I have placed my love on.

X-To kneel in obeisance and love you with each lip… To hold you across tides… To love you even in the days when I feel I can live without you… These were secret vows I once had… For me. For us..

O- I am saddled by this memory, back in a time when I would have wandered into the abyss in search of a kiss from you . I longed for your full attention to keep me at ease but I was treated with a reckless abandon

X- If this is in memory of what could have been? Then this ship can’t sail too far. How do I say I want you bad enough without sounding honest? I hate to plan for love & “loss” simultaneously.

O- Love is like mist , no man plans for it adequately enough; for when it hits, visibility is low but choices must be made; to move on, or to sink for in this quick sand of emotions wants,drowns all reason

X- I’d be damned to slip in and out of thoughts on “we could have been”…many ways I could have loved you…

O- “There is only one happiness in life, to love and to be loved-George Sand” neither of these have we shared for the days have betrayed us like a night without the moon I have not come across my intended shadow my idea of A-You

X- Some how I still wish I stole a kiss, a tighter hug, a memory.. Something that smells of you, tastes like you… it’s impossible to stay friends with the one person I’m drawn to?

O-A bitter tasting drug is the best description for this situation that we have come to call ours. To be in a zone; reserved for the unloving and intimate fellow the Friend.

X- I see you with this same girl everyday. And I lower my head in disgust…. What did she do to earn that seat right next to you…?

O- Amalgamated to her I formed a union with the one that accepted my esoteric nature at the time of my distress, though I am fully aware that your tender dealings would be much more tolerable

X- I’m paying attention to your thoughts from a distance… It should be & not her.. Ok I’m over here drifting again… Saying to myself “it should be me & not her”

O- Hold on tight for when the titanic meets in impending doom I would be right by your side or at least within eye-sight of you my Dear, for through consonance we should reach our intended end

X- it’s poetry baby, where we can be anything.. Where we can live ahead of what’s happening… I can’t wait till I get my hands on you… In my mind I’m already there. I LOVE Y…**Some Texts Missing*

O- And we know that “Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings~William Wordsworth” also we note that “One problem with gazing too frequently into the past is that we may turn around to find the future has run out on us~Michael Cibenko” keeping all this in mind I relish the possibility of a tomorrow for in that special place I would do to you as You would me for you would be my idea of A-Y…**Some Texts Missing*

Urban Dictionary: X’s & O’s Hugs and kisses; ‘X’ is for the crossing of the arms when one hugs another, and ‘O’ is for the shape of one’s mouth for a kiss.

A Duet By
@TheRealVyne (X). verbaljunkiee.wordpress.com
@oddymacfoy (O). Oddymacfoy.com

15 thoughts on “X’s & O’s

  1. Ds tho…“There is only one happiness in life, to love and to be loved. So sweet and very compassionate!

  2. naturally like your website however you need to take a look at the spelling on quite a few of your
    posts. Several of them are rife with spelling issues and I find it very troublesome to tell the reality then again I’ll certainly come again again.

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