InComprehendibleThoughts! (skit)

Legitimate banter is ruled out as just Oil , it’s so slippery that true focus is never achieved .
The lies told become the Aperture through which societal sockets become encoded .
Human Lives become only a component and not the essence: for legitimacy can be argued in times of distribution and execution .

The Hydra called corruption ; multifaceted and incomprehensible, accesses all levels of rationalization, for in the end man claims that ” the end justifies the means ” .
Laudable though, is its consistency; a never ending spiral of in-cohesiveness-stimulates the structure of our generational transitioning .

Our Blood has been infected down to the Marrow; it has been poisoned to the point of acceptability for a common man becomes not so common in the face of regressiveness: because he adapts in order to sustain his personal development.
We run away only to find ourselves right where we started lost without a means to translate our desires to reality.

The world is sometimes so rude to man for it changes without asking for permission; causing a counterbalance to our already disturbed axis.
“Things fall apart the center can no longer hold”; many wish upon stars but even stars fall. Mignon McLaughlin once said that “Every society honors its live conformists and its dead troublemakers” I am starting to think that there is truth in Migon’s statement for it is becoming harder to differentiate between popularity and heroism.

3 thoughts on “InComprehendibleThoughts! (skit)

  1. I think everyone of us, in some way, is guilty of justifying our wrongs with logic. Especially in our society were the darkest evil is laudable if justified, the people most responsible for this are the people most worshipped

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