Savvy Thoughts ! (skit)

The sun sails across the vast skies traveling through time, gazing down on mankind.
This Heavenly body must find man amusing; having had a front role seat to view history; it has watched man act and play curiously on this earth. This eternal source of Light has beamed down its rays upon the human race.The details of the history of humanity has been copiously detailed, we mist pay attention to the nitty-gritty’s so as to find Illumination.

If man had access to the holy grail of information global power would be attained and all the secrets of man would be Uncovered. Globalization would not only be an Idea, for total domination would be the triggered Aim in humanity as man gets twined by this Force he is robbed of sound judgment. I strongly believe that the leading elements in nature drives man to the calling of a Solo and selfish path unveiling his need to find Self and Flesh.

“Your eyes betray your gaze” letting out your concealed intentions before speech is uttered. Silent statements are the components that have makeup your voiceless prose; you speak in your mind but shout out placidly. I ask this purposefully ” Who is without sin?” Whom amongst us can truly cast the first stone on our Born Sinners?

It is said that” Scandal is gossip made tedious by morality~ Oscar Wilde” those who divulge prematurely the words of the ancients, are the inexperienced for exposing information is yet on its own a complete Subject that should be left untouched by the inexperienced Mind.
strength is nothing but potential compared to the wisdom of the experienced. To forgo the words of the Masters while searching for God leaves the Student lurking in the darkness for he refuses to comprehend Gravity, also he is constantly abased and abashed by the ways of the Sun.

To deny the Existence of External factors and the encoding of Traits only makes Life seem more animated for the moment we wake up from our false and Ideal slumber. We come to terms with realty and start to adopt working principles that help us through the eyes of thenStorm . Time to Say Goodbye to Wishful Thinking!

Man should only associate with success and greatness, no man is celebrated for failure, even Einstein said …”world. But if my theory is proved false, France will emphasize that I am a German and Germany will say that I am a Jew”.
This simply means that although it may seem as though we have the answers: if in the end we are wrong we are faced solely with all the consequences.

It is best to get help along the way for this road we travel has been travelled many times before. You can as the Sun.


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