Regal Thoughts (Skit)

The story of a man is never complete without embarrassing moments. The life we have is not taken by us but given to us by circumstance. Some men are born with spoons of different colours and weights and class, while some were given only toothpicks to nibble on.

The idealistic lifestyle would be to emerge as products of wishful thinking but calamity seems to strike its cod, making stringed puppets of the average man whose ideology is shaped by his immediate environment where he is allowed to dream as far as society allows him to .

Amazed at this standard arrangement, some are pushed to rebel against the norm in pursuit of a better table to eat from. For the leftovers of the chosen ones no longer satisfy their needs or wants .

Even the Privileged understand this and commend breakaway servant for the Good Book tell of a Master who ” praised the dishonest (unjust) servant for acting shrewdly and prudently; for the sons of this age are shrewder and more prudent and wiser in [ relation to] their own generation [to their own age and kind] than are the sons of light~Luke 16:8″

Man has been pushed over the edge only to find softer landing beyond that which he has seen as possible .Return to that which you never had but owned ; your God dedicated parcel ” dominion over the Earth” take charge and control over your destiny and find your purpose.

Remember that “No man has ever become great by his resources only, but by being resourceful” ~ Dickson Nsofor moreover”” It is not helpful to help a friend by putting coins in his pockets when he has got holes in his pockets~Douglas Hurd” and so it is better to earn your Big boy Pants so as to attain your Big Boy


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