Point Blank

“Only the madman is absolutely sure~Robert Anton WilsonIt”
It is never easy to make the right choices; for everything right tastes bitter.
Going back to the days of radical living And never thinking, but acting like The world belongs to me .
Always Wondering off into the night not searching for light but eager to redeem myself, I participate in the rat race without a known destination, though I don’t hesitate, I fail to meditate, acting out my first instincts; A life Mastered by following nothing .

The directions are misused by the intense masking of Victorian music and actions are unattended to by the amused mice. Presently Underachieving but refusing to give in. This Desperate happy ending is never archived, because with each action comes a follow up reaction based on false repentance .

I refuse to never loose grip of the factors engaging and entangling all these different units together, for masters and slaves all Die in the end .
Looseness becomes acceptable because mediocrity is the plausible norm. Running away only to return to this procurable constant. The default setting of my misrepresented mind .

Art is losing its genius and resting solely on the shoulders of “maybe” for this instance of resentment has reason and might eventually be reinstated but in the end the mastery of nothing is itself a skill, it must be difficult to get it wrong each time .
Left-right-back-front, A stagnant puddle of pungent decomposing ideas, only the best develop into ponds but eventually lack flow, our minds biggest achievements Are demolished for our lack of planning.The stage of feasibility seems to have been skipped leaving man only with a false sense of understanding.

This world seems to know exactly what it is, that is needed to make my life better but would rather criticize and chastise my plans. The Selling of dreams and hope is its mastery , its dwellers deal in Repose; always postponing the scoring and release date.
Eventuality is never decided by well-wishing and dreaming, but by a determination to actualize That which is most heavy to the Heart. I am burdened by a need for mastery, though amazed by the level of duplicity attained by the accusation leaved by passerby . My conclusion being that ” A man is resented by those closest to him when they realize that his eminence is inevitable, this results in Plots to remove him from the Grid ”

Literature, does not always have to be about a particular topic each time words are used, but must always be about the postulating and bringing out different matters for the divergence of literary understanding. In the very end the only thing left is legacy and it is difficult for a man buried in an unmarked grave to live behind a mark.

The motion of controversy is nothing compared to failure generated from a false and weak grasp on the factors that initiate actions. The fruits are as important as the seeds but the seeds come first every time .We are agitated easily by discomforting situations but greatness is mustered together by a vigorous shifting of generated energy guided by solid intentions leading to a parallel attainment of both victory and also transferable results .

I may be misrepresented by these words but sometimes even the most direct solutions and answers are hidden in ciphers, penned down by minds cloaked with reasonable insanity .
“The wise only possess ideas the greater part of mankind are possessed by them~Samuel Taylor Coleridge


One thought on “Point Blank

  1. “it is difficult for a man buried in an unmarked grave to leave a mark behind…” hmmn. that got me thinking. You could reverse that statement and it will be even truer. It is difficult for a man who has left behind a mark to be buried in an unmarked grave. Legacy truly is important. It’s high time people stopped living in the moment and started living with purpose. Cheers

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