Ones (1) & Zeros (0) Binary Despair

1-Nobody wants to be left alone in a public place .
I am worried about this feeling of loneliness
Being around but registered as absent
There is nothing worse than being unable ……

0-No, there is nothing worse than not knowing
I don’t know loneliness, I don’t know companionship
Buried in ignorance and drowning in my blank mind
I’m standing in the midst of ten thousand souls, and I don’t know…

1-No, I know not what sorrow is
I have fallen in love , I have never been loved
Floating in hope and hallucinating in void expression
There is nothing worse than resentment ……

0-I wouldn’t want to disagree again, but I must
There is nothing worse than being in love alone
Baring my ruby colored heart, alone…Crying silver tears on a black rose…alone…
Love is so close; to feel, to see, to touch, yet too distant…

1-I must rejoice in my sorrow , time persists
I have found goodness in my ignorance , and beauty in not knowing
The most precious stone I have is black, a loadstone attracting grief
Mercurial is the state of my heart, liquid , dripping-spilling, with no hope of repair……..

0-I can see your outstretched hand, do I anticipate your arrival?
Your coming to fill the void; in my heart, in my head…
But time is really so unkind
Gems would pass away for all the days I will wait for you …..

1-But we are told that two shall become one
For you my Star I must journey through despair to locate my jewel
I overcome hallucination as I walk on the sands of time
Diamonds are forever, my compass as my guide I shall locate you………..

0-…I shall wait for you…

1 —– Odera @Oddymacfoy
0 ——Hauwa @sangjie

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