Sheol (The Place Of The Dead)

“Like sheep they are appointed for Sheol (the place of the dead); death shall be their shepherd. And the upright shall have dominion over them in the morning; and their form and beauty shall be consumed, for Sheol shall be their dwelling-Psalms 49:14″

The place of remembrance is the place of death , a section of the world where all gather together to tell folk tales of a person none of them had ever payed attention to, or regarded while he walked amongst them. This gathering comprises of well wishes whom at the time of life had disregarded this individual.
Funny how ironically even those that played a part in his demise would be seated somewhere amongst the guests quietly looking at open casket as though to make sure your current position ” Be Permanent”

But life in its self is a kind of death to many , who hold back so much that in the eventuality of living they loose out on being alive; a state and quality of productiveness.
The much awaited response from the grave often is Silence but once in a while , we hear the sound of shackles falling off , to signifying freedom and release from the place of Sheol (the place of the dead).

Nothing is permanent even death for in the physical kind even the hair and human nails continue to grow for a couple of days before the earth comes to claim its property (our bodies). The soul is said to transcend to another location; for many the Light, while others the abyss.

In the emotional sense of death , being numb to expressions and feelings is another display of this characteristic, not responding to the dimensions of love gravitated towards you but holding onto hate that weight and anchor that holds man down , rancor they say is the top killer , for it sips slowly into the blood polluting every part of the system until man is left cripple.

In all dimensions Death has found it’s place amongst the living. The lifespan of a man becomes his meter to gauge his acceptance of Death. Life long dreams mean little in the afterlife so why waist time in speculation. A Nigerian Igbo Man Would Say ” Hapu Ihe Di Na moto, Banye Na Moto” meaning that it is best to sometimes get in the fold of things and stop The Procrastination.

Death is a combination of elements drawing strength from the weakness of mans mind, his tendency to depend on hallucinations ; which engage his senses in falsified dialogue.The Opium of each man varies but the resulting outcome same.All this Backed by the conspiracy of the time, he remains at the mercy of forces greater than he is. Assuming that one finds escape and decides to play by his own rules, he is forced to renounce his dignity, implying that man really does not find escape from death, for we re all living to Die!

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