The Best We Never Had

@SaNgJiE: I knew you were not him from the beginning…

@oddymacfoy: An Idea of A-You could have been a new beginning

@SaNgJiE: For you or for me? You see, I was stuck in yesterday…still in love with what could have been…I didn’t need a new beginning but Regardless, I felt a need for you

@oddymacfoy: To never have you is My Definition of Loss, standing so to the Exit and looking in I know that you exist, the thoughts of you this I always resist

@SaNgJiE: I let you in…and you crept inside me like a disease; cursing my head and my heart

@oddymacfoy: My act of separation this being my inoculation from you , has has caused so much speculation amongst both kin and folk, my actions are questioned

@SaNgJiE: I want to let you, but I know I shouldn’t…you may protect me from the world, but how do you protect me from you?

@oddymacfoy: The fears you have and share, are shadowy, casting a reflection on all the insecurities which the pen may cover, but before my eyes remain naked

@SaNgJiE: See through my flesh, through my chest…reach and pull my heart out…it beats silent…give it a voice…

@oddymacfoy: Your heart beats and echoes, but my mind learns from the tears of fear , you say this and do that ,I am lost like a week vein, for your words are like a needle looking to pierce me

@SaNgJiE: Find yourself; in my eyes and in my smile…stitch my torn pieces…here’s the pedestal, take a stand…

@oddymacfoy: Your words are quick sand , I sink more with every statement you make. I struggle with the thoughts i have of you . I am helpless against your gaze

@SaNgJiE: I’ve given myself to you…be good to me…I’ve entrusted my life to you…breathe on me…A dream I thought I’d always have; only to wake And realize you’re the best thing I never had

@oddymacfoy: Do not burden me with your generosity, though the thought of me gladdens your heart but to mine it a weight that I can not bear

@SaNgJiE: I’ve given myself to you, be good to me…I’m giving you my life, breathe on me…This is a dream I thought I’d always have, only to wake upAnd realize you’re the best thing I never had

@oddymacfoy: I ponder upon this; the Things I would never Have. You are number one on that list , our path remains ever unclear like that of the mist

@SaNgJiE: *the end?

@oddymacfoy: This Temporary forever, a motion to dismiss, but it is ever so difficult to desist for you are impossible to resist

@SaNgJiE: Forever not knowing u…forever not knowing the peace you may bring…I refuse to believe but it stay true; forever is here to stay. *END*…….

@oddymacfoy: Lagging behind continuously , never ever reaching fulfillment this story crests more pain than gain,to have a love with you would be divine but our forever is a never

@SaNgJiE: Forever not knowing you…forever not knowing what could have been…I refuse to believe, but it stays true, forever has become you and me

@oddymacfoy: But with bitter tethering , I am forever exposed to not having your love, for this story would forever be left Without a happily EverAfter *END*

@SaNgJiE: 🙂

A Tragic Love Saga by
@SaNgJiE and @oddymacfoy

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