Purgation Of Thoughts ( SKIT)

The likes we hope to get are not the most important factors to consider while putting up an image.

Life gradually enables us to realize that dreams can be as abstract as Algebra, or reaching set goals as impossible as finding X

Time as the vessel of these dreams seem to hold many factors To ransom:  reason on the other hand leaves the door as soon as emotions finds the keys to our thought process

The vally of death is not  So far from us. it is just around the corner, right next to common placed thinking which is endured these days on social sites as foolish free thinking packaged as unchecked opinions

The eargeness to please leaves a bitter tasting feel in the mouth.the cost of having to play the fool all the time, is never worth the pay, but many out of the dozen seen to value the dime

Like mindedness does not gureentee that we end up with smart friends, when intoxicated by the same substance man tends to reason the same

Having Motivation never makes it alright for one to do the wrong thing, as effects come around the place we leave excuses responsible for our actions

Our notion of what life has to offer us in never complete without creating a place for disappointments, betrayal and sometimes misinformation

Nothing is permanent so think twice before you ink that statmentent onto your body. Many times we grow old with forgotten dreams and remembered regrets.

In the timetable we create for ourselves procrastination should be the heading for I see a lot of people like myself keeping things for tomorow.

Being hurt is nothing compared to being empty for shallowness is a worse form of betrayal to the world than a criminal mind

The Only person to whom you owe the truth is yourself: it should start by looking into the mirror and not the photoshoped or airbrushed image of yourself and truthfully saying the things that need to be said

Pain is sometimes unbearable but in time it passes and without such we never appreciate the beautifully and simple things of life

Being alive is privilege and living it to the best of our understanding while reaching for more knowledge and wisdom is the key to finding true liberation from the Rat race. “Note that
Furious activity is no substitute for understanding”

Always “Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you, remember that If you stand straight you Should not fear a crooked shadow.”

There is always more to come so enjoy the moments you get for nothing is Permanent.

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