After Yesterday Comes Tomorrow (Skit)

Back when we blossomed, we lit up the night sky with the music of our tender hearts
; This was a time in history when worries were classified as impossible

Growing up in the 90’s was for me a joyous privilege, for in that decade the days were ever bright, and were filled with familiar faces

Parents had zero trust issues with boundaries, borders not put up against neighbors allowing free association amongst us kids

We had time to venture and create adventures in the the great outdoors. we had video games but cherished playing with sand , clay , mud and even the rough winds of the late summer days before school got back in session

Knowledge was not gathered solely by means of the World Wide Web ; because we had libraries filled with books, and more importantly elders to learn from.Wisdom was ensured by the provision of direct discipline for the rod that was never far away from their Reach

Food was in abundance as the cost of living was not hiked by the greed and inflation that now salvages the economy. Although the government was not democratic, we were too young to notice this for our biggest problems were highlighted by our loving but strict mothers

Family was essential to our process , we had an underlining rule that made the holiday period one to be spent with family

I wonder what it was that made mankind so eager to do away with this aspects of society for what we have left is less than acceptable; it is a makeshift world, fitted together by applications all fit into embedded systems, now we substitute love for sex , family and loyalty for money

The Good old days are gone leaving behind this drug infested generation; whose belief system borders on the falsification of life, and the denunciation of hard work as the path to riches.

The markings of this failed test have been put across for all to see, the lack of correction only means that this desecration has only just commenced

Upsides to this new world order are visible as information is being transferred at a speed only imagined in movies that speculated that man would be replaced by living robots

Reason has lost its Voice, it is drowned by noise, the need to create a life suitable for our own offspring is so great

The misunderstanding of the sacrifices of our fathers allow us to believe that we have been awarded green cards to luscious pastures , though the foundation has been dug , the Time has come to build.

Each youth must stand not forgetting the glorious days; for although dark clouds may impair our judgement temporarily, the sun always comes to the aid of the man that chooses to see the light

Don’t strain yourself for me or loose your selfish ways for me but think about the possibility of a greater tomorrow .

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